Oil , Gas, & Mining PRA Solutioning

Use Case Description

• Oil & Natural Gas Corporation is an National Oil Company, India.14 producing assets spread across the different geographies in India was part of PRA scope
• Standard PRA allocation works with only one unit of measurement. ONGC report production figures for Oil/Condensate in BB6/Siv13/1v1T and Gas in SCE/KM/14CM
• ONGC uses load oil transfer functionality within SAP for recording transfer between gathering station and group gathering station. It is also used for recording transit loss between the installation. However with usage of Load Oil functionality its difficult to reconcile measurement point volumes with allocated well completion volumes

Solution Brief

• Additional unit of measurements for Oil & Gas were added to standard table. Conversion program from BB6 to Siv13/MT & KCM to SCM/MCM were added as part of the daily allocation process
• Reconciliation report for Oil/Condensate to validate measurement point volumes with allocated well completion volume
• All existing reporting was updated with update in new Alternate UOM design
• Standard PRA Tables were enhanced to stored additional unit of measurement data


• Multiple reports in current environment which was using on the fly conversion is replaced with onetime conversion
• Accuracy and visibility in volumes being allocated to well level vis-a-vis measurement pointvolumes
• Additional PRA BW Cube for PRA Alternative unit of measurement solution was



Effort (PD)


PRA Design



PRA Build to  Deploy