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Development Center

Our experienced developers are based in India and are highly skilled in the latest technologies, such as mobile and web development, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Our comprehensive package of services include customized solutions, quality assurance, and postdeployment support. 

Common Resource Concerns

  • In-house employees on long leaves
  • Urgent project deliveries
  • High recruitment costs
  • Limited project budget
  • Finding the right talent in time
  • Tight development schedules
  • The cost involved in retaining talents

TSIT Digital Advantage

  • Resources and Cost savings
  • Access to toptier talent
  • Increased productivity & more working hours
  • Increased scalability and flexibility.
  • Reduced risk and Enhanced quality
  • Time savings and faster project completions
  • Knowledge Base and Industry Expertise

Dedicated Resources as per Project Demand

Our staff augmentation pricing model for flexible project management

Pay at hours spent

IT staff augmentation for ongoing work and undefined projects


Highly talented offshore development teams at competitive rates

Fixed model for fixed needs

Team augmentation for well-planned large projects.

Offshore Development Engagement Models

Get access to pool of certified & experienced talents to build your offshore development centre

Fixed Project

  • End to End Project Lifecycle Consultation
  • Custom Development Program
  • Time Bound Delivery
  • Speed to Market
  • Immediate support

Dedicated Team

  • Get a team of Niche Developers
  • Hourly, Daily or Monthly Rate Models
  • Part-time or Full-time Engagement Models
  • Scale-up & Down Easily


  • Developers on-demand within SLA
  • Ideal for project that needs short term resources
  • Pay by the hour
  • No minimum hour commitment

Request for Proposal

Please share your project requisition with us. We would be happy to share a proposal outlining the solution, scope of the project, quotation, timeline, and address any other specific information you are looking for. 

share your project brief & requisition