Data Modernization Solutions

Transform from Legacy to Modern Enterprise

Data modernization allows data to flow seamlessly among various databases, breaking silos, improving data consolidation, and making data ready for analytics. Data modernization strategy is at the core of digital modernization for any enterprise that looks to leverage the full potential of its data.

Accelerate Business Outcome
with Robust Modern Data Architecture

Enterprises need to have an acute sense of market, that allows them to implement robust data modernization strategies to handle such large influx of data.

Demystifying Data modernization

We believe in developing solutions that provide our customers the biggest bang for their buck. Our data modernization services starts with the business vision of our customers. . Our data modernization framework is a combination of processes that help build a robust data platform

Challenges we Address

➢ Lack of agility and flexibility due to the legacy database
➢ Time-consuming data process leading to poor database performance
➢ Aging technical expertise and high maintenance cost

Value We Deliver

➢ Handle both unstructured and structured data formats/sources
➢ Instant data processing and report generation
➢ Zero-maintenance and cost-effective cloud service

TSIT Data Steward Model

Harness the Power of Data to Gain Actionable Business Insights

Get an oversight of an organization’s data assets to help provide business users with high-quality data that is easily accessible in a consistent manner.

Our Data Models

Our expertise in data management services enable enterprises to build a robust and sustainable foundation to support their digital transformation goals.

Data Stewards by Subject Area

Data Stewards by Process

Data Stewards by Function

Data Stewards by SYSTEM

Data Stewards by Project

TSIT DM Steward Model

Business Data Steward:

  • Accountable for data owned by business area
  • Work with stakeholders to make recommendations on data issues
  • Manage metadata for their data
    Champion data stewardship for their areas

Operational Data Steward

  • Provide support to business data stewards
  • Recommend changes to improve data quality
  • Help enforce business rules for the data they use

Project Data Steward

  • Represent data stewardship on projects
  • Funded by projects
  • Work with business data stewards to obtain info and make recommendations about data stewarded by business stewards
  • Notify business data stewards about data issues raised by the project

Domain Data Steward

  • Business steward for widely shared data
  • Work with business stewards as stakeholders to achieve consensus

Technical Data Steward:

  • Provide expertise on applications, ETL, data stores, and other links in information chain
  • Assigned by IT leadership to support data governance

TSIT- AIOps Offerings

Analytics and Visualizations

We have implemented over 200 analytics solutions across multiple verticals including Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Retail, Supply Chain and Real Estate. We have averaged between $1.5-$3M in SW sales as a reseller for SAP over the last 12 years.

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