Financial Planning and Analysis

Use Case Description

• Looking for enhanced scalability and performance for faster decision making in Marketing sector
• Implement increased flexibility through SAP BO Design Studios leveraging parallel processing of data sources for dashboard development
• Reduce the TCO and improve development efficiency andAccelerate financial reporting
• Existing BW environment too slow to permit analysis and reporting on purchases

Solution Brief 

• Implement BW on HANA DBfootprint Solution • Non disruptive DB migration with SAP standardtools and service has been achieved
• Using HANA optimized DS0(advanced) and Composite providers has speeded up the data staging by a factor of 10 to 15 with a complete integration of delta calculations
• Additional modeling flexibility has be achieved by combining ad-hoc SAP HANA data
• Data persistency layers are cutout and admin efforts reduced: No aggregates, indexes, rollups, statistics
• Stream line landscape and simplify data management using HANA Optimized Data models


• Reporting runs 33 times faster than the legacy database with real time monitoring of sales
• 5.5 times improvement in data compression ratio
• CMD team are getting fimely inputs on financialstatus
• Processing of transactional updates also accelerated
• Average query time reducedfrom 7 minutes to 0.7 seconds



Effort PD)

Duration (weeks)

BW on HANA Implementation



Dashboards and  WEBI Reporting